12-12-2019 Electricity was released in Abdullah Al-Mubarak area for some blocks (1 and 7)

The electric current was released in Abdullah Al-Mubarak area for some blocks (1 and 7)


The Assistant Undersecretary of Electrical Distribution Networks Eng. Motlaq Naif Al-Otaibi has stated that in line with the state’s plan to provide residential care and implementing the orders of both the Minister of Oil and the Minister of Electricity and Water,and recommendations of the Ministery’s undersecretary Engineer Mohammed Bushihri In the same matter of providing water and electricity for newly planned areas (Abdullah Al-Mubarak District), the electrical networks distribution sector has directly statutes providing this service to that area including private housing, health and educational services, and other administrative services of the country In coordination with the General Organization for Housing Welfare, according to a specific plan, and the infrastructure has been equipped for the following blocks in the area of Abdullah Al-Mubarak:

First, block (1) with (383) houses

Houses starting from 315 to 697.

Second,block (7) with (461) houses

Houses from 1 to 249.

Houses from 345 to 413.

Houses from 427 to 569.

Note that work and coordination is underway with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare to the completion processing of blocks and houses according to the plan. Keeping in mind that some of the houses are under construction and some houses whose owners did not take the decision to build and the lands allocated to them are still empty, the Ministry of Electricity and Water appeals to citizens to use energy-saving devices to minimize electricity consumption, Keeping in mind that the ministry wants to fulfill its plan of providing electricity and water services in this area hoping to do so easily and efficiently. Therefore, the Ministry of Electricity and Water calls on citizens of concerned private housing owners to the necessity of applying or completing the procedures of the Ministry of Electricity and Water through the ministry’s website (www.mew.gov.kw) starting dec15,2019 attaching the following documents:

1. Cooling scheme.

2. construction licenses.

3. Municipal plan.

4. Application form for the electric current installation license.

5. A copy of the ownership document.

6. A copy of the civil identification.

In order to complete the procedures for delivering electrical current to their homes

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