21-01-2024 Coverage of the Ministry’s participation, represented by the committee preparing strategies for rationalizing electricity and water consumption, and the teams emanating from it, in an awareness workshop on rationalizing electricity and water consumption, organized by the Kuwait Public Transport Company.

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, represented by the Committee for Preparing Strategies for Rationalizing Electricity and Water Consumption, and the teams emerging from it, participated in an awareness workshop on rationalizing consumption and electricity, which was organized by the Kuwait Public Transport Company in the company’s main building, in order to educate the company’s employees on how to save electricity and water consumption.

The symposium was initiated by the Vice Chairman of the Committee, Director of the Water Facilities Projects Department, and Acting Director of the Public Relations and Citizen Service Department, Eng. Maha Al Hajri expressed her sincere thanks for the joint cooperation between the Public Transport Company and the Ministry to raise the level of community awareness regarding rationalization.

A visual presentation was presented by the head of the media and awareness team for rationalization, Eng. Khadija Mishari and member of the technical studies team for rationalization, Eng. Altaf Safar entitled (Achieving Sustainability... Save). The presentation included a detailed explanation of the foundations of conserving electricity and water, starting with methods of building a house and choosing energy-saving devices, and also talking about the Ministry’s energy conservation code. Finally, an incentive program for rationalization was explained to the employees of the Kuwaiti Public Transport Company in order to encourage them. To participate in the program and benefit from the privileges offered.

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