18-04-2019 Boushahri: Automation of Electricity Services Achieves Transparency

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Eng. Mohammad Boushahri, affirmed the Ministry's keenness to automate its various services to make it easier for consumers of all categories to benefit from these services in the shortest possible time according to the new Kuwait vision 2035. He pointed out that these updates will improve the service, save time for consumers and achieve more transparency. Boushahri said in a press statement on the sidelines of the presentation on “Electronic Electricity Services and the Updates Made to them” at the Society of Engineers yesterday morning, that the use of modern technology and facilitating services to consumers has become one of the Ministry's ambitions.

He pointed out that the services provided by the «Electricity» involve 3 types, namely services for electric current, services for water and other multiple services, the most important of which is the service of power supply that has been updated, in addition to the service of electronic payment, and the automation of many of its associated procedures. He explained that the consumer wishing to complete its transaction has to enter the website of the Ministry and choose the service to be completed according to the services provided to him.

He thanked the sectors concerned with the provision of the Ministry’s e-services, stressing the importance of meetings with the Union of Kuwaiti Engineering Offices and Consultant Houses in order to develop services and respond to observations. Our role is to take these observations into consideration and improve the level of service provided.

He thanked the Head of the Union of Offices, Eng. Bader Al-Salman, for his presence and interaction, stressing the ambition of the «Ministry of Electricity» to move in cooperation with the engineering offices for advanced steps in the supervision and inspection work and the adoption of plans for homes that need power supply according to a certain mechanism that is currently being studied.

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