25-07-2019 Al-Fraij: Ministry of Electricity & Water Produced 74680 Million Gallons in 6 Months

The Assistant Undersecretary for Electrical Power and Water Distillation Stations, Eng. Khalifa Al-Fraij, announced the production of 74680 million gallons of water during the first half of this year by the distillation stations of Al Sabiyah, Doha West, Doha East, Al-Zour North, Al-Zour South, Al-Shoubia and Shuwaikh. He pointed out that the strategic water reserves reached safe rates during the period. Al-Fraij said in a press statement that fresh water consumption in the first half of the current year reached 74722 million imperial gallons with less than 2% consumption compared to the same period last year due to the rationalization activities carried out by the Ministry in all its sectors and the interaction of all consumers in Kuwait with the campaigns of the Ministry calling for the optimal use of water.

He pointed the end of maintenance programs for distillation units before the current Summer period according to the program prepared for them. He stated that 57 distillation units have been maintained as part of a special maintenance and follow-up program by engineering and technical cadres in the sector. The operation and follow-up of distillation units is ongoing around the clock as directed by the Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

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