Eng. Maha Al-Asousi

Assistant Undersecretary
Control Centers Sector

Control Centers Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

1. Managing the National Control Center in Jabriya & Jabriya DCC, Shuaiba DCC, Town DCC and Jahra DCC.

2. Full Control Of The Power System for State of Kuwait Starting From the Power Generation Plants Through The Transmission Electrical Network With 400KV, 275KV, 132KV & 33KV Voltage Levels Until Reaching The Distribution Electrical Network With 11KV Voltage.

3. Preparing Different Types Of Studies Related To Electrical Power System, Such As Studies Related To Balancing the Electrical Network In Case Of Any Sudden Incident, Study Of The Amount Of Power In The Network Parts During Different Electrical Faults Occurring To The Network; Study Of The Operational Performance Of The Electrical Network By Calculating The Flow Of Power In The Network Parts. Also Carrying Out Seasonal Studies For The Next Year For Kuwait Electrical Network That Are Related To Maximum Load Expected In The Summer & Minimum Load Expected In Winter. Making Necessary Plans to Separating Electrical Loads for Balancing Between General and Consumed Power in Case Of Emergency. Making Plans for Dividing the Electrical Network to Preserve the Power Generation Plants during Accidents That Occurs To the Electrical Network.

4. Coordinating With Different Ministry Sectors to Insure Best Possible and Suitable Way for the Operation of the Electrical Power System.

5. Preparing the Technical Specification for Different Control Center Equipment, Updating And Upgrading Telemetry Equipment. Also Executing the Control Center Projects.

6. Managing, operating Upgrading and Expanding Telephone System and Communication Network for Control Centers and Connected Substations.

7. Maintaining National Control Center and District Control Centers Equipment.

8. Following Up the Technical Advances in Control Systems and Working to Pace These Advancements.

9. Daily Following up Gulf Cooperation Council Linking Network, Following Up All Faults On This Network And Preparing The Necessary Daily Reports In Coordination With the GCC Linking Control Center.

10. Supervising The operation & Maintenance Of The IP Telephone System That Is Used In Many Sectors In The Ministry And Supervising The Operation Of 152 Call Center 24Hours a Day.

11. Coordinating with Different Sectors In The ministry Concerning Their Needs in IT Systems and Forwarding them to the Central Agency for Information Technology. Supervising The Project Of Transmission Of Geographical Information System ( GIS ) Between The Different Sectors In The Ministry And Linking Them With Government Agencies. Supervising And Following Up the Local Area Network (LAN) Of the Ministry And Lining It To The Sectors in the Ministry That Are Using It. Also Linking The Ministry’s Network With The Central Agency For Information Technology Through ( KIN ) Network


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