Eng. Jassim M. Al Nouri

Assistant Undersecretary
Electrical Transmission Networks Sector

Electrical Transmission Networks Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

Electrical Transmission networks (TEN) is the second stage of the electrical power of three stages (generation - transmission - distribution). It is a network of conductors (over head transmission lines and underground cables) and primary substations reducing the voltage. This stage starts connecting from various power stations (the first stage) located in areas far from the electric loads after raising the voltage from the medium to high or extra high voltage transformers within the power plants, and then transfer of electricity through the overhead lines and underground cables for long distance until it reaches the primary substations near electrical loads areas, in primary substations transformers reducing the voltage from high or extra high voltage to medium voltage, and then it is transferred to the third stage which is the electrical distribution networks .


ministry of electricity & water