Ahmed AlRashidi

Assistant Undersecretary
Planning, Training and Information Systems Sector

Planning, Training and Information Systems Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

The planning, training and information system sector in the Ministry of Electricity and Water consists of several departments to run the sector:

Department of Water Resources Development Center

• Monitoring the quality of drinking water from the beginning of production to the arrival for the consumer chemically and bacteriological .

• Conducting routine maintenance of water production in power plants, as well as corrosion rate calculations in the drinking water of the distribution net work of the state of Kuwait.

• Cooperating with Ministry's departments to develop the drinking water system.

• Cooperating with water authorities specialized in drinking water to exchange experiences.

It consists of sections

• Chemical Lab

• Bacteriology Lab

• Research and Development

Studies and Research Department

• Representing the Ministry in the Planning Committee and the Energy Trade Exchange Committee in the GCC Interconnection Authority and in the Technical Team of the Higher Joint Energy Committee.

• Planning with the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation to determine the quantity and quality of fuel required by the Corporation for power plants.

• Study the future needs of electricity and water, which depends on the proportion of population growth, housing projects, industrial and agricultural projects, government and investment projects, major projects and oil sector projects.

• Technical study of the timetable for the implementation of power plants and distillation of new water.

• Preparation of energy and water strategy.

• Follow up the consultative studies held by the Ministry with Kuwait University, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and other relevant external bodies related to the work of the Ministry.

• Making statistics and tables of measurement indicators for electric power and water.

• Responding to the inquiries of the members of the National Assembly regarding the current and future situation of the availability of electricity and water services in the country and the new events related to the ministry.

• Prepare the five-year development plan and follow-up with the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development and the Ministry of Finance and the work of the final account.

• Prepare the operational plan of the Ministry.

• Evaluate the technical proposals submitted by the international consultants to study and recommend the electrical grid and the comprehensive planning until 2035 and work to complete the evaluation.

• Follow-up the construction projects of Kuwait Municipality and the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and remove obstacles related to projects.

• Study the fourth structural plan of the State of Kuwait.

• Follow-up renewable energy projects in the country.

It consists of sections

1. Department of Technical and Economic Studies.

2. Technical Competence Section.

3. Department of Engineering Applications.

4. Department of engineering studies of reliability and maintenance.

Administrative Development and Training Department

It consists of sections

1-Department of Organization and Job Description:

• Conducting studies related to all organizational aspects.

• Permanent work on the development of functional administrative structures.

• Preparing an indicator for the creation, cancellation or merging of administrative units.

• Identification, sorting and classification of jobs in groups according to sub-quality.

• Job descriptions and job descriptions cards.

• Issuing the regulatory guide for the government agency.

2- Service Development Methods Section:

• Conducting studies on working methods.

• Prepare research on streamlining procedures and work flow maps.

• Organize data, files and office systems and create databases.

• Work to regulate the relationship between auditors and employees.

• Issuance of procedures manual and audit manual.

3-Training Section:

• Conducting studies related to the extension of qualifying and training programs and courses.

• Develop general and detailed plans for rehabilitation, training and retraining.

• Preparation of transformation-based, technical and administrative training programs.

• Follow up the trainees and prepare periodic reports about them on an ongoing basis.

• Identify the types of training needs and possibilities.

Technical Control Department

• Monitor and coordinate with the various departments in the ministry to make good use of the ministry's facilities, equipment and machinery to ensure continuity of work.

• Follow-up projects of the various departments of the ministry to ensure the commitment of contractors to comply with and implement the terms of the contract on the safety of the site and free of contractor equipment and conform to the conditions.

• Studying the technical reports submitted by the various committees formed by the Ministry to study specific areas and follow up the implementation of the recommendations contained in them and approved by the Ministry's senior management.

• Coordinate with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry regarding the specifications and measurements in force in the State of Kuwait for electrical and water consumable equipment sold in the local market and bottled water.

It consists of sections

• Coordination and Technical Studies Department

• Project Monitoring and Monitoring Section

• Services, Security and Safety Section

Statistics Department:

• Monitoring the production and consumption of electric power, fresh water and brackish water.

• Issuing the monthly statistical book.

• Issuing monthly statements and statistical tables about employees.

• The work of the organizational structures and follow-up with all major competencies.

• Preparation and publication of the annual statistical book (electric and water power).

• Preparing and publishing the unified organizational manual and the various statistical groups.

• Follow up the administration website and update the monthly and annual statistics on the official website of the ministry.

Information Systems Department

• Supervision of electronic services and many systems comes topped by the fingerprint system and GIS.

• Perform permanent maintenance of servers and database

• Providing the Ministry with Internet services through a local and external network and linking the various sites of the Ministry through a fiber-optic network.

• Supervision of the permit system, which is very important for the issuance of work permits to ensure that there is no conflict between the work provided by other bodies, and the ministry's services, whether electricity or water, each entity provides a permit form to do a specific work such as road works, and the ministry makes sure that There is no conflict with those works and services provided by the Ministry.

• Maintain and equip the Data Center and the infrastructure (servers and networks) for hosting their own applications

• Manage the Ministry's website in cooperation with other sectors in the Ministry.

• Supervising and coordinating with the Central Information Technology Authority in relation to Kuwait Information Network, through which the relevant Ministry sectors such as the financial affairs, electricity distribution networks and administrative affairs are linked to the government entities outside the ministry for the purpose of e-services and the use of Ministry of Finance applications and electronic linking service between the entities. Government G2G and other applications.

• Preparing the Ministry's budget in relation to information technology, in coordination with the Ministry's sectors and the Central Agency for Information Technology.


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