Eng. Jassim Al-Linghawi

Assistant Undersecretary
Water Operation and Maintenance Sector

Water Operation and Maintenance Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

Department of water facilities operation and maintenance

• Following-up the stages of water after it is produced by distillation stations till it reaches its dispersed storage sites and then redistributed by pumping or natural flow to consumers through dispersed pumping stations which cover the area of Kuwait and follow-up of the strategic stock of fresh water in anticipation of any emergency in addition to receiving and distributing brackish water.

• Distribution of fresh and salt water to consumers' distribution pipelines either through water pumping stations, through high water tank sites or through high water towers.

• Monitoring water distribution sites through National Water Control Center in Al Shuwaikh, which works around the clock to control closing and opening of tanks valves and stopping water pumps according to the pressure agreed with Department of water networks.

• Maintaining the safe status of country's strategic water reserves in times of increased consumption or decreased production of distilled water by way of controlling the amount of water discharged from distribution sites and issuing the daily report of the daily freshwater stock and the amount of consumed water.

Department of operation and maintenance of water networks

• Daily follow up and supervise of all water emergency centers of the Department.

• Supervising the operation of the sub-water lines and consumer engagements taken from it and working to ensure continuity of its performance in accordance with the required efficiency around the clock.

• Following-up to receive various consumer complaints related to water problems.

• Addressing various consumer complaints related to water problems.

• Supervising operation of pressure reduce valves to ensure the pressure of appropriate sub-networks that provide water access to all consumers around the clock.

• Following up the closure and opening of the valves necessary to isolate the sites of tailings and damage that occur to the lines of extension of water sub-networks and consumer engagements and stop the damage resulting from the leakage of water from them.

• Coordinating with the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport to carry out the works of relaying water lines inconsistent with road projects.

• Implementing (water service delivery) for consumers in new areas.

• Executing transactions of (water engagement transfer, modification of water engagement diameter) for consumers in accordance with the regulations and rules in force in all areas of State of Kuwait.

Department of chemical works

• Monitoring and controlling the quality of fresh water produced by mixing and blending stations and lines in the main freshwater distribution accumulators and follow up this quality through chemical analysis of samples across various water facilities until they reach consumers according to the specifications of the World Health Organization and the Environment Public Authority.

• Following-up works of washing and sterilization of various water networks (tanks - transmission lines – towers of distribution lines) of fresh water and brackish water of the Ministry , other government agencies or the private sector.

• Following up the operation and maintenance works of the mixing and blending stations, the main chemical plants, the auxiliary chlorine injection plants and the chlorine dioxide injection plant in the southern Al Zour and providing these plants with the necessary chemicals to control the quality.

• Following up the works with regional and international organizations to benefit from international expertise in order to achieve high quality water in all stages till it reaches the consumers.

Department of groundwater production

• Operation, maintenance and repair of fresh and brackish groundwater production wells and associated facilities and installations.

• Try to provide a stock of groundwater in the fields in conformity with distribution and consumption.

• Operation and maintenance of wells of water drawdown in different areas in Kuwait.

• Maintaining groundwater reserves in the fields to cover distribution and consumption processes.

Department of water desalination

• Operation and maintenance of brackish water desalination units by reverse osmosis according to the required technical specifications.

• Supervising preparation and implementation of the action plan prepared to do the works related to the operation and maintenance of reverse osmosis units, and preparation of all types of operation and maintenance programs of preventive and emergency and evaluate the performance of units.

• following up and monitoring the quality of fresh water produced by reverse osmosis units, control through chemicals injection system and chemical conservation of units.


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