03-04-2024 Announcement

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy announces the launch of an auction for the activity of special automatic machines for serving light food and drinks in the Computer Center Administration Building in Doha. Those wishing to participate can obtain the bidding documents from the Contracts and Tenders Department - at the Ministry’s main headquarters (South Surra - Sixth Ring Road - First Floor). ).

This is as of Sunday, 4/7/2024, for an amount of (50/- KWD) (only fifty Kuwaiti dinars and nothing else) that is non-refundable.

In the event of inquiries about some information about the bidding, you can contact the “Financial Affairs Sector - Computer Center Management” and submit the bids accompanied by a certificate from (the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry) stating the company’s registration for the year (2024). It shall be deposited in the special bidding fund of the “Contracts and Tenders Department” at the headquarters. The main Ministry (South Surra - Sixth Ring Road - First Floor) no later than (12:00 noon) on Wednesday, 5/8/2024, and no bid received after the specified time will be considered.

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