Children Corner

In our page, we aim to instill awareness of the importance of rationalizing consumption and promote a sense of social responsibility. Here we share with our children the exchange of guidance and counseling that constitute a framework that embraces their behaviors and guides their ideas about the love of the homeland and the preservation of its abilities to build together a beautiful homeland with a promising future.

  • Learn about “Kattoura and Kahroub”, electricity and services of the Ministry of Electricity and Water

  • An awareness program of the Ministry of Electricity and Water for the State of Kuwait, that talks about "When did the water and electricity services start in the State of Kuwait"

Hi I'm his cat ..
After an enjoyable journey from the Arabian Gulf and through our water distillation stations, here I finally arrive, pure and pure.

The efforts of the Ministry of Electricity and Water are clear and distinctive. These efforts are reflected in the various stages and the many services that he ordered, until I reach you with high quality.

I am a dear drop for each of you, and you can reach me through the Ministry's website in the following steps: - Submit the application electronically specifying the type of service required. - It will be implemented by a specialized team from the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Isn't it Yahcrob?

Yes, it is true, and my arrival is also no less fun and easy from you, the ministry provides a lot of my services to facilitate and facilitate our arrival procedures for every citizen with high quality and efficiency and continuity.

In order to get acquainted with our happy and distinctive journey, Qutoora and I, let us check out our stations on the map of our beloved state of Kuwait.

Power Plant and Water Distillation