Children Corner

Description: From our first stations, (Shuwaikh), starts our journey and ends with every house on our beloved land Kuwait. Stay with us in our children's corner to learn about adventure and our eight power and water stations. Learn how to maintain electricity and water. Come on my friends, come and look what the kids' corner contains. Welcome.

Hello I am Qatoora! I am a pure water droplet that comes from a joyful journey starting in the Arabian Gulf through Shuwaikh Desalination Station and arriving to you as clean and pure as possible. Thank you Ministry of Electricity and Water for all what you are offering us in efforts and many services. I am very valuable to each one of you, and it is very easy to reach me through the Ministry of Electricity and Water website by doing the following:

- Apply an online request of the service you need

- Request implemented through a designated team from the Ministry of Electricity and Water

Am I correct Kahroob?

Yes, of course! To reach me is as fun as it is to reach you! The Ministry of Electricity and Water offers many services that ease the process for me to reach to each one of you continuously and in high efficiency. The Ministry of Electricity and Water not only has Shuwaikh Power Station, but it has seven more power stations!

and learn

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