29-05-2023 Declaration of the acting Undersecretary Eng. Maha al-As'oosi

The acting undersecretary of The Ministry of Electricity and Water and Renewable Energy Eng. Maha Al-As'oosi has declared: "In the belief of the ministry to improve services provided to its customers and work on the reduction of waste, and consumption of electricity and water, we announce the launch of the national campaign to save energy (Weffir) , to help in reducing the consumption of electricity and water being a vital element in life" keeping in mind that the rationalization policy align with strenuous efforts under one framework of government entities and professional societies, in order to, harness the potentials and capabilities for the sake of consumption decrease and maintaining vital resources.

Al-As'oosi clarified that: "the campaign will focus on changing some daily habits and behaviors in which people can reduce electricity and water consumption by introducing to them the points of waste in consumption, how to avoid that, and the side effects which customers will achieve when following the campaign's instructions. The campaign will also follow up with procedures taken in all governmental and private authorities to achieve the perfect consumption through an executive team paying visits to all authorities and provide them with the needed instructions and follow with its executing ... Not to forget raising up the youth whom are the future of Kuwait.

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