27-10-2019 Al-Fadhel: Electricity progresses 29 ranks globally in the field of ease of conducting current

His Excellency the Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water Dr. Khalid Al-Fadhil stated that the Ministry of Electricity and Water has improved its ranking in the Ease of Doing Business 2020 index issued by the World Bank Group today by ranking 66 out of 190 countries. It developed 29 places in the index as it was 95 in 2019 and recorded a score of 81.9 in the 2020 index, and that’s a remarkable increase of 10.1 points compared to its balance in the 2019 report. This improvement took place due to short cut of actions concede with Conducting power supply with a percentage of 29% according to the World Bank report about business practice in 2020 compared with measures in the 2019 report. It also cut down the duration time of service acquirement with a percentage of 25% of the same period.

The Ministry of Electricity and Water has succeeded in this achievement through the concerted efforts of its employees to facilitate the procedures of obtaining electricity and take the necessary adjustments through the re-engineering of procedures related to the provision of electricity supply services. And the development of many services electronically with the application systems that are desirable, and the use of geographic information systems and electronic governmental payment systems (Tasdeed) to accelerate the delivery of electricity delivery service.

This improvement has contributed to the standard of electricity acquirement, with the improvement of the components and other criteria that are included in the Ease of Doing Business 2020 Index, which covers the different phases of business of local enterprises, in which Kuwait improved in Ease of Doing Business Index 2020 by 67.40 with a balance of 67.40 and being among the list of the most 10 countries improving as it developed 14 ranks forward to be in the 83rd. place in general , this is due to Sincere efforts of all sectors in the government concerned with Ease of Doing Business Index.

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