16-04-2019 Al-Rashidi: We continue to inform consumers about the benefits of e-services

The Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Training in the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Mr. Ahmed Zabian Al-Rashidi, confirmed the ministry's continuation of its awareness campaign on introducing consumers to the ministry's electronic services launched on February 8th.

Al-Rashidi said in a press statement that "the ministry's continuation in its awareness campaign comes out of its keenness to familiarize the general consumers with its electronic services and how to benefit from them in implementing their dealings with the ministry easily and without costing them the trouble of personal review of the sites providing the ministry's services." Campaign A meeting was organized with the Federation of Engineering Offices and Consultancy Houses next Wednesday at the Kuwait Society of Engineers under the auspices and presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity and Water Mohammed Boushahri to discuss the latest developments related to electronic services The work of these offices and advisory role appreciates the role and cooperation of Messrs.

Al-Rashidi added that the ministry will also set up a pavilion in Al Kout 2 complex during the period from 18 to 20 of this month, in which the ministry will showcase its electronic services to the visiting public as it had previously done in the Avenues to inform the consumer audience about the benefits offered by these electronic services.

Al-Rashidi said that in February, the ministry launched several electronic services that were updated by adding electronic payment services and adjusting its procedures to facilitate the implementation of business and consumer convenience and benefiting from the ministry's services, in addition to launching many new services to serve customers with the ministry.

He pointed out that the modernization process that has been completed will facilitate the matter for consumers who wish to complete their transactions electronically, pointing out that the launch of these services comes within the framework of the adoption of the strategy of digital transformation in all its work to provide the best services to customers, whether they are consumers or government agencies or The business sectors are being closely watched by the Minister and the Undersecretary of the Ministry and are in line with the new vision of Kuwait and the desire of the Ministry to enhance transparency and integrity in the completion of transactions, as well as the ability to monitor performance and improve the business environment for dealers with the ministry

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