Assistant Undersecretary
Administrative Affairs Sector

Administrative Affairs Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

• The Undersecretary of Administrative affairs is the link of all sectors in the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

• Preparing studies of supervisory titles from the beginning of applying for the job required until the preparation of the draft resolution , in addition to all resolutions concerning transfer and labeling of all employees of the ministry.

• Law suit follow up of appeals on administrative resolutions , assuming defense and preparation of memos in coordination with the Advisory Opinion and Legislation until a final judgment is issued.

• Supervision and follow up of all works and sectors in the ministry.

• Coordination and arrangement of all works and sectors in the ministry.

• Adopt administrative transactions and direct correspondence to the department sectors.

• Follow up all administrative affairs related to the ministry (employments, career level upgrades and promotions of both choice and seniority).

• Stand on the correct guidance for the implementation of the provisions of the law of the civil service system regarding allowances, raises, efficiency reports.

• Follow up employment decisions and its suitability with the reality of the law, as well as, end of service resolutions.

• Supervise the work of both leave and permanence sections and issuing directives related to the implementation of resolutions and laws about leaves of all kinds.

• Solve problems encountering work process and adopting legal and explanatory notes.


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