Ahmed AlRashidi

Assistant Undersecretary
Customer Services Sector

Customer Services Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

• The issue and distribution of bills to all consumers

• Collection of bills (cheques – K-net)

• Electricity installation for new owners

• Electricity installation for rented accommodations

• Transfer the ownership of the facility and the demand of transfer the name of the new owner in the electrical bills

• Transfer ownership of the meters

• Meters inspection

• Services disconnection for the purpose of property demolition

• Meter replacement in the case of (burn - damage - cut off - break)

• Disconnection of services of apartments and commercial stores in the case of evacuations

• Insurance refund

• Getting an official clearance for (Kuwaitis and other nationalities) of the property

• Cutting off or reconnecting water for ideal residential areas

• Transfer water meter to ideal residential areas

• Replacement of water meter for ideal residential areas

• Installation of electric meter due to technical damage for ideal residential area

• Water transportation for empty property in ideal residential areas

• Power increase for ideal residential areas

• Fine collection in the case of break, lost, or stolen electrical meters

• Insurance transfer for apartment and commercial stores, and reconnecting or cutting off electricity in the case of converting the property

• Support teams of sector services

• Updated electronic services

• Smart meters system

• Prepaid service

• Mobile collector

• Unified Call Center (153)

• Consumption calculation system (SAP)