Eng. mutlaq al otaibi

Assistant Undersecretary
Distribution of Electrical Networks Sector

Distribution of Electrical Networks Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

• Receiving citizens’ complaints, handling faults (both LT and HT), and restore electrical current.

• Daily follow-up with electrical faults and fix them at maximum speed, and if necessary, providing generators to be connected to the low-voltage panel to restore electrical current temporarily till the fault is fixed.

• Dealing primarily with both low-voltage network (415 V) and medium-voltage network (11 KV) which are the final stages for the electrical current to be received to consumers.

• Delivering electrical current to consumers.

• Conducting necessary studies regarding the growth of electrical loads.

• Requesting new sites for substations and following up with these requests with the official authorities in the country.

• Conducting necessary studies, reinforcing, and reducing electrical loads for medium-voltage network.

• Performing necessary reinforcements to the low-voltage network.

• Performing periodic electrical and civil maintenance of current substation.

• Constructing new substations.

• Cutting off electrical current by law.

• Receiving and approving electrical load schemes and inspecting the electrical loads to ensure its safety.

• Performing periodic maintenance of currently available generators.

• Approving design-phase schemes of governmental projects and supervising the electrical work made on these projects to prevent any interference with the current low and medium voltage networks.

• Studying, designing, executing street lighting network alongside maintenance work.


ministry of electricity & water