Assistant Undersecretary
Financial Affairs Sector

Financial Affairs Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

• The supervision and follow up the performance of all the departments of the Financial Sector.

• Coordination and arrangement between the Financial Sector and the other sectors in the ministry.

• Supervising and monitoring the transactions of the salaries and the bank accounts.

• Follow and audit of all the financial matters of the ministry including accounting, contracts, warehouses, tenders, purchases and costs in accordance with the general financial policy of the ministry's budget.

• Implementing the rules and regulations when effecting the budget in accordance with the financial provisions stated in the constitution and the law decree No.: 31/1978 which regulates the rules in preparation of budgets in general, the supervision of implementing it, final accounting and the circulars and resolutions to ensure the proper implementation of the budget.

• Follow up the material and equipment used in the projects in accordance with the financial regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance.

• Providing all the needs and requirements for all the departments of the ministry, whether technical or administrative, according to the established regulations.

• Payment of financial receivables contractors for works and projects executed in accordance with the procedures adopted by the ministry.


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