Assistant Undersecretary
Water Projects Sector

Water Projects Sector

Responsibilities and functions of the sector

The work of the water projects sector is represented through planning, development, design, and supervision of services provided to all consumers in Kuwait, in addition to water distribution, which includes a series of processes that starts with establishing main water lines to the receiving of production of distilled water from power plants, and production of desalinated water from reverse osmosis unit, and then transporting them to supply it all of Kuwait .

Furthermore, this sector works on establishing complex for treatment, storage, pumping, and distribution of freshwater, and reservoirs of freshwater and low-salt water for strategic storage. Also, this sector deals with establishing pumping plants, main pumping lines, and distribution networks inside residential, commercial , industrial and agricultural areas, and supplying all consumers with water; through providing water connection and meters according to the consumers needs, and working on developing ground water fields, and establishing low-salt water wells and production-collecting lines. In addition, secure the transportation of the required fuel to the power stations